Sweet Somethings Bed & Breakfast



About Us

We are simple folks in a small town with big ideas.  We love the historic and want to revitalize a great part of our states heritage and history.  We accomplished this by renovating a building that was built in 1923.  It first started as a "selfserve grocery store" and through many years of social and economical changes, it has became known today as the Sweet Somethings Bed & Breakfast.  It is located above the current Sweet Somethings Bakery in downtown Laurel, Ms.   We renovated the bldg., cleaned out some dust and ended up with studio bed and breakfast suites with original 16' ceilings and old red oak and pine floorboards.  If you plan to visit our city please book your reservation to our bed and breakfast, settle in and enjoy the community and people. 

Come enjoy our Laurel Main Street and see our wonderful city. 

When here, be sure to visit our local attractions, like the Laurel Mercantile with Ben and Erin Napier, Sweet Somethings Bakery, Pearls Diner, Mimmos Italian Restaurant and The Loft.  Pick up a lunch or a favorite meat at the Knights butcher and be sure to visit the Lauren Rogers Museum, the Laurel Downtown welcome center, Adam Trest, JP Parker, Own your own Hill, Studio 550 and many, many more 

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543 Central Avenue, Suite 100

Laurel, MS 39440


Call us at 601-340-3880 or look us up on airbnb in the "reserve now" button in the middle of the top page.


Open every day for accommodations.

Complimentary breakfast included with all rentals except Sunday morning.